Puerto Cortes

Considered one of the safest ports in the world due to the efforts its administrations has done within the framework of certifications required by the International Maritime Organizations, the Container Security Initiative (CSI), and the Mega ports Program, Container Security Initiative (CSI).

The Container Security Initiative was designed to avoid the world maritime terrorist to harm the shipments are exploited by USA and other nations. Honduras has implemented the scan systems through gamma rays, which permit 100% revision of every container.
This initiative implemented by the Custom Services and Frontier Protection of the USA will permit all maritime shipment originated in Puerto Cortes with destiny to the USA be pre-checked  and pre-scanned to detect terrorist and weapons.
Honduras is the first country in CA, to participate in this initiative and the 42nd worldwide that is part of such important project to combat terrorism.

In order to complement and efficiently integrate all security systems, the Atomic Energy Department of the USA, chose to provide Puerto Cortes of a technology that will permit detect radioactive materials that could be introduced in containerized shipments.
This components is supported by the AED of the USA through the Nuclear Security National Administration that proved the port with equipment, materials, training, and services the will use the Custom office in Honduras within the port installation in order to discover and intercept illegal traffic of nuclear and other radioactive material.
This initiative will be the 5th worldwide and the first in CA guaranteeing the development of a fast and safe commerce movement, competitive advantage that will consolidate this port as a real Maritime Terminal leader in the Central American region.
Offer 24 hour service, modern roll-on/roll-off facilities and a 2-3 day shipping time to southern us ports















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