Technical school


The technical schools in San Pedro Sula are just minutes away from Zip San Jose


TECNICAL                       LOCATION FROM               GRADUATES PER YEAR

                                               ZIP SAN JOSE        
Infop-Government               5 min away                                20/ career
Institution                              from Zip San Jose

Technical Institute                10 min away                          250/ career
In Electricity and

Honduras-German                5 min away                            260/ career
Technical Institute

Korea-Honduras                  20 min away                           120/ career

School of Arts                      3 min away                            100/ career
And Crafts


-US educated college graduates are readily available to fill almost any managerial position. They are fluent in english, which would improve communications with workers.
-Salaries of local managers are lower than their us counterparts.


                                                                  ENROLLLMENT           GRADUATES PER YEAR
-Universidad de San Pedro Sula                          3,000                              400

-Universidad Católica de Honduras                      2,000                          

-Universidad Tecnológica                                   1,500                          160 (Engineering)

-Universidad Tecnológica                                   7,000                              500

-Universidad Nacional Autónoma                      15,000                             800
De Honduras-Goverrment Univ

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 28,500









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